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Good job

This toothbrush does a great job. I haven't tried any other electric toothbrush except my cheap electric toothbrush that only vibrates. After trying this toothbrush, I realized the difference. The first is the bristles. The bristles of this toothbrush are relatively soft, and it feels very comfortable to slide in the mouth, and I can adjust multiple modes according to the condition of my teeth. The brush head also has a small plastic cap. It literally surprises me to have so many good experiences at this price! I would recommend this to anyone who wants to improve their dental health!!!

Good quality

I bought a travel sonic toothbrush several years ago but the battery could no longer charge... This electric toothbrush is beyond my expectations, it cleans the teeth much better than the previous toothbrush, I don't need to use extra tools to clean my plaque, it makes my floss and irrigator useless. The built-in vibrating timer helps with knowing how long I've been brushing. I recommend it to my entire family and they also think Dada-tech toothbrushes are worth the cost. It is perfect!

Gentle and helpful

The 5 colors are all beautiful and I like them all. Maybe I will buy a different color next time. I'm happy with it so far. Brushing is a little itchy at first, but it's gentle and cleans well. I love this timer, it stops vibrating automatically after 2 minutes. And the battery is still there after two weeks of use. This is very convenient for me to travelling. I'm planning to purchase one for my kid as a birthday present this year.

Very good shopping experience

The design of the Roman column makes the toothbrush look very premium! And the handle feels very comfortable! I brush my toothbrush for 30 seconds and it stop to remind me to switch brushing zones. I can really feel the difference between a normal toothbrush and this toothbrush, its cleaning effect is really good! After using this product for a week I feel my teeth are much cleaner.

BEST baby and toddler toothbrush

It’s small, it’s soft, it’s gentle. What else could you ask for? I have two little ones who both love it!

Gute Qualität

Mein Kind hat einen kleinen Mund und hat die kleinen und mittleren Ersatzbürstenköpfe gekauft, diese sehen von guter Qualität aus, mein Kind liebt es wirklich

Sehr zufrieden mit einem Shopping

Die Zahnbürste, die ich gekauft habe, enthält vier Bürstenköpfe, und ich habe eine Schachtel Ersatzbürste gekauft. Die Zahnbürste ist ebenfalls sehr geeignet. Sie sollte für zwei Jahre verwendet werden.

Great first tooth brush !

My baby loves it … the light up on it is genius definitely gets my baby excited to brush his teeth




I appreciate that the bristles are extra soft and the plastic handle is well constructed. Therefore, it is perfect for my 13 month old, who is tired of the manual ones. The dentist suggested for an electric one with soft bristles for him. This one is exactly what I am desiring for. I think I found it with this one. No other one can compete for this, and I am so glad we purchased!


Bezaubernde Verpackung sowie pünktliche Lieferung...Diese bunte Zahnbürste ist toll. Der wiederaufladbare mit austauschbarem Kopf ist die beste Option. Mein Junge ist 4,5 und er kommt einfach gut damit klar, gute Größe für seine kleinen Hände. Akustische Vibration funktioniert gut. Mit einem 30sec Intervall-Timer, der genau wie bei meiner Sonic Care, ist es toll, um ihm das richtige Putzen beizubringen. Insgesamt ein perfektes, empfehlenswertes Produkt.

keine Karies

Diese Zahnbürste ist ein Lebensretter für Ihre Kleinen und bewahrt sie vor Karies beim Zahnarzt. Es gibt wirklich keinen Vergleich zwischen dem Putzen mit dieser Bürste und dem Putzen mit einer Handzahnbürste für meinen Achtjährigen. Seit wir umgestellt haben, haben wir keine Karies mehr. DANKE!!!


After buying this product I could say I got a break where it has given me a good amount of relief. Before, it was always a struggle to get my child to brush his teeth. Now I haven't had to nag about teeth since getting this brush.He is obsessed with brushing his teeth with the new one. It’s vibrating feature at necessary frequency is nice.


It is awesome and I love that it came with extra brush heads. The vibration isn’t powerful but enough to clean teeth like a regular toothbrush also it helps sooth sore gums. This one is small enough to fit in the tiny space between my toddler’s cheek and molars without irritating her. We both fancy the three setting options and the timer function. Brushing teeth is never a bother for us, so it's a win-win situation! The battery is durable and it’s definitely a good buy.





Passende Ersatzbürsten

Passende Ersatzbürsten - passen 1A. Sind sehr günstig!

Gute Zahnbürste

Tolle Zahnbürste, gut zu reinigen

Perfect for kids

The replacement brush head fits my toothbrush perfectly, the toothbrush is cute and my kids love it, I will buy more

Perfect for a toddler

I was looking for a small, soft brush for my toddler and he loves it. Simple to use, he likes the lights and improved his daily cleaning. Love it! I bought the other version for my older kid.

Putz gut, Kind gut.

Tut was sie soll, putzen. Kind zufrieden mit seinen fast 4 Jahren. Timer top.

Was great

This was wonderful and I really like the replacement heads option, but my 2 year old dropped it and the piece that attaches the heads to the handle snapped and it can no longer be used. I'm disappointed with how fragile it was because I really liked the product overall.

Great starter brush

Bought for 6yr old grandaughter as a step up from battery brushThe packaging was well sealed and has a usb came with 5 different heads and each one hasvitsvown cap to keep clean when notbin use.battery hasnt died yet .very pleased with it